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Founded in 2013 Hedlund Innovations, LLC (DBA Jigaprints) had a vision of creating and delivering new, innovative imagery designs and products. Imagery stimulates our visionary senses, creative mind and family bonds. We wanted to put a spin on conventional products such as jigsaw puzzles, canvas prints and smartphone cases, with new products to be launched soon.

Our goal is to create products that will strengthen family bonds, bring friends and family closer and offer life’s joy of being able to spend time together. Our company is unique because we strive to deliver both personalized products, as well as our huge library of unique stock imagery. We want to create products that are true works of art, from our unique line of personalized jigsaw puzzles to our line of galaxy imagery on phone cases. All of our personalized services and stock imagery is available across our entire product line.

We also offer unique contests that will solidify our company as a leader in bringing family and friends together in this fast paced age of technology.

Education and understanding the world we live in is something that is extremely important to our company. We will deliver products and imagery that will engage our customers and challenge them to never stop learning about our past or present world.

At Hedlund Innovations, LLC quality and innovation comes first. We are always working to improve the products we offer, improve the customer experience, and add new products. Our goal is to create an unsurpassed customer experience. Please enjoy and we truly look forward to hearing from you.

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